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Post by Jules »

My alarm has gone off three time this week, seemingly without reason.

In the hand book it says: "Check the alarm indicator if you are unsure about how the car is reacting", but I have no idea what or where this alarm indicator is. Does anyone know?

Anyone had similar problems?

Love driving the car, but starting to get quite tired of this seriously poor software. It work with IT and if I released software with so many issues, I would be fired without a moment's thought.

Jules (France), v1.3.1
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Post by JonValle »

I have had a problem with the alarm. I was inside cleaning and my wife was outside with the control. The alarm started ringing loudly and it scared us a lot...we don't know why it started and we don't know why it ended either. For a moment we thought that maybe it wouldn't stop ringing until the battery ran out...and as it was on charge for at least two months
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Post by SP29 »

Strange as I had the same thing happen last night...
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Post by hezzer »

Yes I have had two occasions where the locked car in the garage has had the alarm go off for no apparent reason. After the 2nd event I have put the alarm into low sensitivity and nothing since. This was with 1.31 now on 1.4.
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