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Hi, wondered what the view was on the various add-ons that the dealer is offering, at a price.
1. Paint (ceramic coat) and interior protection
2. Alloy wheel and tyre cover
3. Dent and scratch cover (up to a certain size and total cost)

All for about £1200 I think.

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I personally wouldn’t get any dealer to do ceramic coating or any other paint detailing type work. I would go to a local specialist for that.
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Hi, I have purchased the Wheel and Tyre insurance...10 months interest free, £52 per month. You only need to damage two tyres and get them replaced, to get your money back. In this crazy road system plagued with pot holes in the UK, it was a no-brainer for me. I really enjoy looking after my car so haven't bothered with the other products. I can recommend Dodo Juice Fabricado as a highly effective fabric/ leather sealant. I hope my comments are helpful👍🏻 ... JiEALw_wcB
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