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Post by etham »

Hello everyone! Been following the Forum since a couple of weeks ago!! Reading every new post before going to sleep... as subject says, I'm getting really anxious with the forthcoming arrival of my EX30, as I think it has an incredible design and also will be my first EV.

I'm not worried about the software bugs, already had previous hi tech first year new model car, so I know what to expect. Also know that 1.4 has many of them corrected.

Well, in term of cars, the EX30 will be quiet a change for me, because I'm replacing my 2017 Chevy Silverado and my 2021 BMW M240 Cabrio with this Volvo! I'm All-in for it! Just tired of wasting tons of fuel and money everyday.

In colour, my first option was the Cloud Blue, until I saw in person both the CB and the Vapour Grey which I fell in love with.

Because of budget and also because of being my first EV, I select the Core entry version with standard range battery. If I get used to it, which I hope will, then will consider an upgrade to an Ultra in a couple of years.

My dealer told me (hims own data sheet) that the Core has some features that I don't believe they are actually included. Any of you my friends has any link to a Vin Decoder so I can get a window sticker with the actual features my EX will have?

Have everyone a great day!
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Post by Geoff »

I'm also anxious, my EX30, ordered last November is due for delivery next week, it will be my first EV and my first Volvo. Unfortunately. it will be obsolete before I drive it, the dealer (in France) says only those cars delivered in October will be 25MY so I won’t have the updated steering wheel switches, or the badge on the boot lid - that I wouldn’t want anyway.
I ordered the Twin Motor Performance Ultra in the standard vapour grey/indigo, 19” wheels configuration, the only extras are heated seats and steering wheel. All other colour options and wheel sizes were at extra cost.
I’m disappointed that it will have summer tyres, despite the Volvo press release stating that all their EV’s for Europe will be fitted with all season tyres, and more disappointed that when questioned Volvo simply quoted the terms and conditions of sale. I get what I’m given.
I’m also disappointed that there is a plethora of software issues that even the latest 1.4 hasn’t resolved. I don’t accept that a first year, new model car should have so many defects, it was manufactured more than a year ago and developed years before that. But as Volvo say you get what your given, put up and shut up.
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Post by andrewollason »

Ours came a couple of weeks ago and it really has been plain sailing and a pleasure to use. Big change for us too as previous car was a 2010 diesel Mercedes. I’m an all season tyre fan too and was a bit surprised at Volvo’s selection.
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Post by Percycrez »

Don’t be anxious! Enjoy… into my 5th month with 1.4 software loaded (no problems)
Now that I’m use to some of the previous problems with software, I have come to fully enjoy my ex30.
Very rarely switch onto twin motor, it’s just mind blowing FAST… with the benefit of experience I should have just gone single extended range, but it’s done now. I love the comfort and peace and quiet electric! Have fun,enjoy.
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Post by gloucester »

Welcome to this forum etham and Geoff.

The world is divided into "those who get it" and "those who don't get it"!

I'm firmly in the former category, but some of the reviewers are definitely in the latter category - notably Autocar magazine in the UK, and in particular Matt Prior.

I ordered mine in launch week on 12 June 2023 and finally received it - after Volvo initially supplied the wrong one! - on 24 May 2024.

I was attracted by the totality of the car, but especially the exterior design and the interior design. The whole thing "hangs together" in an elegant and coordinated manner, with none of the fripperies of some of its competitors. The fact that it drives beautifully and is very quiet are bonuses.

I'd ruled out many cars previously because they were too big (Ioniq 5, Ioniq 6, Ariya), too stylistically contrived (all BYDs, Zeekr X (not yet available), Smart #1, Citroens) too boring and bland (MG4 - great externally, but so deathly inside), too small (Funky Cat with its minuscule apology for a boot, Fiat 500), or too expensive.

I had previously put down a deposit on a VW iD.Buzz but realised it was nothing more than an "ordinary" 5-door estate with an enormous boot! And nothing like the concept. And VERY expensive for what you get! (Check out the SERIOUS depreciation they're now suffering) Also after cancelling the order I got to look at one in a showroom and found it was really difficult to get into, notably the driver's seat but other seats too.

Returning to the EX30, yes, some of the features are either difficult to use or bug ridden because of the software. But not all cars are affected to the same extent or in the same manner. I can't remember how many years ago I needed to turn the rear fog light on in a car - it's rarely dense enough to permit its use. Likewise the door mirrors are largely "set and forget" when you're the only driver. The field of view of them is however rather limited.

We don't have the Core version in the UK but Volvo's catalogue for wherever you are should be sufficiently explicit in describing the features.

Do either of you have any specific concerns or queries?
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Post by etham »

Thanks gloucester for the greetings! How is your standard range going? Im already in with SR so just curious!
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