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Hi, first post, considering buying the ex30 and have placed a deposit. At the moment I am torn between this and the Tesla M3. Wife prefers the ex30. Priced very much the same. I have read a lot of posts here and could probably summarise the views that drive is good, range better now the weather is warmer ( depending on driving style). Main criticism is the software which seems to be work in progress. I would be interested to know if anyone regrets the decision to buy. Also what are the standout features that make it a pleasure to own. Only do probably one round trip a month of 270 miles, rest is local driving in the Yorkshire Dales.

Thanks in advance

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Post by alphahere »

Hi, welcome to the forum. I tend to be miffed only on that 1 long trip, it can do close to 210 to 215 miles on the motorway full to empty. I have to charge at least once on a round trip from the East Midlands to London. This is of course on the twin motor. It is supposedly easier to extract more range out of the Tesla but I look down on them (literally), they are seated so low. I would say if you are interested in a car then it is the EX30, if a gadget then maybe the Tesla. The EX30 is made by a manufacturer with years of experience, they know how to make cars, which is one of the main reasons why I have stayed away from Teslas all this while. But that's just my opinion.
The EX30 has its useability issues with the software, if you can drive it like a normal car ignoring all of it, then nothing like it. It will keep you satisfied with the solid feel and performance.
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Post by Jon1956 »

Thanks for the response, that's kind of how I was thinking, it seems just a shame that there are so many software issues that cloud the enjoyment of ownership.
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Hi, ours was delivered with 1.4 installed and I haven’t noticed anything that I would call a bug. Lots of new features some I like, some not so much. Would be the same with any new tech. As for a drive it is super easy to live with. Excellent around town and on the motorway. Country roads expose the weight of the thing a bit but that’s a feature of ev’s. I would recommend them as they are good value and the twin motor party trick is a bit of silly fun.
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I love the EX30.

I have had only a couple of minor software bugs. One has been fixed by an OTA update, the other is on Volvo's 'to-do list' and I'm sure it will get done eventually. Neither stops me enjoying the car.

My wife and I discussed bugs before we ordered the car. We were both aware that such a software-heavy car would have bugs on its initial introduction (after all you can't give out free beta versions of a car like you can a computer program), and should we buy now with bugs - or wait a year for them to be ironed out. We chose to buy now and have no regrets.

Apart from bugs, you have to remember we all like different things too. I have seen some people complaining about things that are not an issue to me, and wanting other options added that I would not want.

Lots of complaints about intrusive safety systems - but all new cars are going to have them now. Forget the past - this is the future - like it or not!

People keep comparing our bugs with Tesla's 'perfection'. They forget the EX30 is a new car, Tesla has spent over 10 years de-bugging their cars to get to where they are now. Over the years - especially the early ones - they had plenty of problems too.

I love my EX30, but unfortunately I am unable to advise on will you.
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Post by Jon1956 »

Thanks for the comments, I have one further question, in the Ultra model, does the drivers seat have a memory function so you can set it for two different drivers and it will automatically adjust for each driver?
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errr it should do.
Mine doesnt. I understand its anothe software bug

DAY ! it did for 2 weeks then GONE.
Cheers Andy!

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Mine works perfectly.

The driver's seat moves to the position set for the profile of the key used to unlock the car.

I use a key card (no messing round with Farraday pouches and bulky key lumps in my pocket), and the key moves to my position. My wife uses the fob and the and the seat moves to her position. The second key card can be set to a different (or the same) seat position.

If the wrong person (key) unlocks the car the seat moves to the wrong oisition. It takes 3 presses on the screen to get the car to change to the correct profile and move the seat to the correct position.
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I belong to a walking group and ferry people around every week. I've not had any space complaints even with three in the back.

They generally like the car albeit the colour divides opinion. They all LOVE the exterior and interior door handles - one thing I really don't like with the Tesla 3. They bemoan the lack of roof grab handles, and universally complain when I floor the accelerator! They find my artificial grass floor mats hilarious and my putting artificial pot plants in the cupholders too.

The boot seems to be much bigger than advertised. Admittedly I'm running it without the parcel shelf in place, since I found I was hitting my head on the edge of the raised shelf.
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Gloucester we have to see the cup holder pot plants! I’ve seen the mats which were brilliant - post a pic? I may come over for a picnic!
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