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Post by Jon1956 »

Hi, first post, considering buying the ex30 and have placed a deposit. At the moment I am torn between this and the Tesla M3. Wife prefers the ex30. Priced very much the same. I have read a lot of posts here and could probably summarise the views that drive is good, range better now the weather is warmer ( depending on driving style). Main criticism is the software which seems to be work in progress. I would be interested to know if anyone regrets the decision to buy. Also what are the standout features that make it a pleasure to own. Only do probably one round trip a month of 270 miles, rest is local driving in the Yorkshire Dales.

Thanks in advance

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Post by andrewex30 »

Take the Model 3 with your eyes closed. If I went back I would do it without even thinking twice. There is no comparison, both in terms of software and interior quality and functions. This car, which is all creaking plastic inside, is letting us act as a paid beta tester. Stop.
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Post by MO1 »

The EX30 is a great drive and great range. Thats where the positives stop. Living with it on a daily basis is so frustrating I can’t begin to explain. I wish I’d been able to test it properly for at least a weekend, ideally longer and then I’d have realised how infuriating it is in so many ways. Little things that you don’t think would be so annoying become extremely frustrating day after day. They include the car doors not unlocking unless you unlock the driver door. And then have to go back to it and lock it (doing that whenever you want to access any other door and / or the charging cable gets very tiring. Barely anything working as it should inside the car. It beeping at you and taking control of the steering unless you remember to press countless buttons every single time you start the car. Having cameras but not enabling them to be a dashcam. The radio going silent every time you brake. Not having physical buttons but having to access various sub menus even when driving and for the most obvious of things that you need to use quite frequently.
The ‘Harmon Kardon’ lettering on the dash length speaker being angled so that it constantly glares inside the windscreen.
I could go on but even writing this is making me frustrated about getting this car. I’ve had many cars, and this the 3rd EV over 6 years, and while this is a great economical drive it’s just not enjoyable to own. It’s just too many irritations for everyday use. And as I say. They do all sound minor and had they been pointed out to me before getting the car I’d have probably dismissed them all as such. However, having to endure the many many problems every single time I go to the car means I now really don’t like it. It’s my wife’s main daily driver and I now avoid using it whenever possible. I have an electric Mercedes which is miles better in every way (except range). And I expect the Tesla you’re considering will be a much better option. It’s a shame to say all of this as with some serious and urgent work Volvo could have made a great car. But I suspect it will take them years to resolve and will probably only materialise in a new model. Not software updates to this existing model.
For the money it costs I don’t think it would be unreasonable to ask Volvo to have an extended test drive of at least a few days so you can get a meaningful sense of what it’s like in real life and you can then get a better idea of whether you can live with the very many issues and whether you are happy that this represents good value.
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I’ve had the car 3 months or so and it’s been absolutely fantastic. I haven’t had most of the problems some other people have faced. I was without an in car internet connection for the first month and did have the home charging issue. So yes the software has been as all software seems to be upon first release, very buggy!

The car is a joy to drive - I have the twin motor version and have been doing weekly round trips of around 260 miles as well as town driving and I haven’t enjoyed driving a car as much as this for a long time!

The range has vastly improved from 190-200miles during the cold weather in April to 250-260 miles on my most recent trips during some warm weather. The performance is something else! The acceleration is crazy but the smoothness of the vehicle makes it all feel very safe.

The one pedal drive for me personally works fantastically. So very useful for town driving and making it a breeze to drive the car in traffic

On the motorway I’ve found the adaptive cruise control + steering assist (pilot assist) to get extremely reliable. But as someone has mentioned in the forum it always seems to drive 1mph faster than the set speed so hopefully a bug that can be ironed out?

Unlike some I find the interior fantastic. The screen works well and not having a console in front took a month or so getting used . I have an old fiesta and the speedo console etc looks like clutter!

I think for recycled materials the interior is fantastic! So would disagree with the above on that

The proximity lock has also functioned fine for me from the day I received the car. But the one issue that does annoy me is you leave someone in the car to pop somewhere and you take the car with you and the alarm will go off lol! I believe you can turn this off bur have to do so every time you start a new trip?

But all in all I think once CarPlay has been introduced and software has been improved it’s going to be a ridiculously good car for the price they are charging. Obviously they need to fix some of the major problems other people are having but for my experience it’s been a joy to take it for a long trip and I actually look forward to long drives for the first time ever as the driving side of things is very good
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Welcome to this forum.

My brother has just replaced his 2020 Tesla 3 with a 2024 Tesla 3. He reports it's much improved! I've only been in the back but the seats are better. He's gone for red this time since there are SO many white ones around. The red is expensive but it's a GLORIOUS colour!.

He replaced like with like DESPITE having £3.5k's worth of warranty work being done on the old one just before it expired - largely suspension related problems.

However I also like my EX30 - despite the software issues which are ridiculously extensive and protracted in resolution, it's a lovely car to drive and I love the interior design. Build wise, apart from the software issues it's very well put together, though cost cutting is obvious in places such as under the bonnet, the seat design (Plus - crude manual adjustment) and the carpets.

It's also VERY easy to spot in a car park!


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