Radio turns off when braking. Help please

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In mine everything worked great, even after the retailer installed 1.3.1. However today the screen decided, of it's own volition, to reboot; the radio reverted to the usual annoying bug that 1.3.1 failed to fix (DAB Stations volume reduces on regen and cuts out on braking - no so with FM stations strangely) and the setting for the sensitivity of the wipers and lights has reset to factory!!
I am getting closer to NOT recommending this car to anyone and as for Volvo support - enough said.

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Tried disabling Google maps volume and tried different radio stations but the issue still remains. Radio volume cuts out whenever I touch the brake pedal. I updated the software to 1.3.1last week and the issue didn’t exist previously. Seems this update has triggered it for me.

Along with the comments in the previous reply, I’m getting pretty frustrated by this car. This niggle along with not being able to unlock the car unless I hold any of the various tags/cards up to the drivers door (and drivers door only) are getting pretty irritating (and yes I’ve tried all the tag suggestions but it just doesnt work and frankly should just have a lock/unlock button on the fob like most other cars so that I don’t have to walk from door to door just to unlock it and get in.). Based on my first month with the EX30 I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. Far far too many frustrating issues that should have been sorted before this car was launched.
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As someone as posted on this forum, apparently an update for the key fob is available at the dealer. Maybe this could solve the problem, or at least reduce it.
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And the fact you can only unlock the car from the drivers door is a huge oversight. If you need to put kids in the car or access the boot, you’ve first got to go to the drivers door which is a massive step backwards from any other car released in the last 20 years!
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Locking and unlocking is similar to Tesla (the "imitation game"....) , but the Tesla has a key fob also with physical buttons that can be used for locking or unlocking.
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Welcome to this forum.

That's not a solution we've heard.
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My findings about radio station muting during braking, also when using one pedal drive.
I'm running v. 1.3.1 since yesterday.

Honestly, I never experienced this problem with v.1.3, at least as far as I can remember.

I found that on my EX30 this problem affects only DAB stations, w/ or w/o OPD.
If I select an FM station it never occurs.

Playing with the settings when listening a DAB station, I found that sometimes enabling/disabling the speed alert notification I was able to make this problem go away for a while. But I was not able to identify and reproduce this behavior in a controlled way, so can't suggest a solution...
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Post by Mirocz2002 »

For sure this is not a SW issue, so it can not be easy fixed.
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Post by francisp »

Fond this info somewhere on Reddit :

Yesterday I delivered my car EX30 to service because I was experiencing radio reception lags when decelerating the car. Initially I thought that this can be impossibly connected.

Turns out that there is indeed a problem within one of the rear breaking lights which interfere with the DAB+ reception. Don’t ask me any details 😂 Due to the car dealer this issue has been already addressed to VOLVO and they are working on solution. I’d assume that they would need to switch the breaking light in one moment in time. Let’s see.

So it seems the problem would only be with DAB?
If only Volvo would publish a list of the problems they have acknowledged and are working on...
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If this were the cause, one should get the DAB radio muting also when pushing the brake pedal when the car is parking and still.
I have to test this condition.

Ok, tested braking while the car is still: as soon as the rear braking light turns on the DAB radio mutes.
So the relation with braking is convincing.

But then it looks to me as a hardware problem that can't be easily corrected without replacing some connection or component..
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