Radio turns off when braking. Help please

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Hi all. Please can anyone help. I’m a new EX30 owner. When driving it today I had the radio on and noticed that every time I pressed the brake the radio turned down to silent. I thought it was just a loss of signal but an hour journey then proved that every single time I pressed the brake the radio went silent. I can’t find any setting relating to this. Can anyone help please. It’s really annoying and I’ve been long enough to be able to brake and concentrate without needing complete silence. Many thanks for any help

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Oh no this is the original fault.
Updates 1.3 and 1.31 have failed to correct.
Yes it has been well documented.
Randomly like s poor signal in DAB or FM THE RADIO CUTS OUT, FADES, GOES LOUDER under REGEN or BRAKING.
The only workaround of you have good
Connectivity or mobile signal
Is to download TUNE IN app to the car via the Google play app and use that for the radio.
Other workarounds are available. ATMO I just ignore it for music only. No good for podcasts or news.
Cheers Andy!

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Thanks Andy. Really appreciate the info. I had no idea. While annoying, at least I know that it’s a known issue and hopefully will get sorted. I did an update a few days ago and am sure this issue didn’t exist before that update. Let’s hope it gets sorted soon. Thanks again
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MO1 wrote: Sun May 26, 2024 12:56 pm I had the radio on
DAB or FM?
Tried different stations?
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I’ve never had this issue on 1.2.1 or 1.3.1. I wonder if there are certain conditions where it occurs.
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It seems to be a hardware problem. Antena is on the rear windscreen along with brake LED lights? Who can confirm?
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AFAIK, this issue doesn't occur for every EX30 and with the same software version.

For example, in my case with software v. 1.3 (from the beginning) this problem never occurs.

Now, if the problem were due to a hardware issue, to explain this different behavior we should speculate that diferent EX30 hardware versions exist, at least of the radio tuner component.
What other reasons could cause this problem to someone and not to someone else?
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I have done 2000 miles and I have had this happen on only a handful of occasions. But when it starts happening, it doesn’t stop until you finish that journey. The fact that it’s inconsistent seems odd and made me assume it was a software issue but who knows. My guess was maybe it was related to the speed sensitive volume control.
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For me, I suspect it may be the weaker radio signals that are affected. I played around with all the speed sensitive settings and it changed nothing. I wondered if it might be just DAB stations, but found the problem isn't there with either Radio 2 DAB or Radio 2 FM. But it does happen randomly with perhaps some of the less powerful stations. Listening to Greatest Hits Radio (which changes regionally), the volume sometimes dips and sometimes doesn't, depending where I'm actually driving. Luckily it doesn't seem to happen when playing music from my iPhone through the BT Media app.
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Hello, I am new to the forum. I have read somewhere that you have to put the Google Maps browser on silent so that it does not occur.
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