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Hi, I have had my EX30 since the beginning of March and have driven 200 miles. I topped up the battery 55% to 90% a few weeks ago using a medium power public charger and did a 2nd topup 49% to 100% 3 days ago using a high power motorway charger. After the 100% charge my indicated range was 194 miles. I thought I had purchased the extended battery model with 300 mile range. I don't ever expect to get 300 miles per charge, but 194 miles seems well short. I read somewhere that it might take a littlle while for the battery range to settle. Am I just being impatient or has my car been fitted with the 200 mile battery by mistake?
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The car I test drove showed something like 190 miles range at 95% charge. I confirmed with the dealer and he said it was the extended range. I think it’s just the reality of the range depending upon your driving style.

Weirdly my car still hasn’t adjusted and says 150 miles remaining at 50% charge.

But my experience is you will never be able to manage more than 220 miles on the extended range battery, and even getting that is difficult to impossible unless you don’t go over 60mph and don’t turn on the aircon! Realistic range even when driving reasonably efficiently seems to be around 200miles for me.
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I also have the extended range (took delivery 4th March) . I’ve done just over 1,000 miles and the most I’ve got out of a 100% was 228 miles.
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We have the Twin Motor Performance and have done less than 200 miles to date.

On delivery and with 90% charge the range showed 165 miles.

After one charge to 90% it showed 180 miles. So I’m expecting around 200 miles for a 100% charge.

How they advertise a figure of 285 miles is beyond me.
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It takes a while for the car to learn from you as a driver. Took about six months with my current car. After that, the expected range could be trusted. So give your Volvo some time. 😇
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I have the Ultra Twin Motor and we have never seen over 200 miles range. We have had it since the 1st of March and have done 1551 miles so far with an average consumption of 2.55 miles per kWh. For reference my BMW iX which weighs in at 810kg heavier than the EX30 has averaged 2.77 miles per kWh over a similar period. Not sure why such a small vehicle should be so inefficient?
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It's not good on the aerodynamic front unfortunately.

EX30 - Drag coefficient Cd: 0.28

Likewise the Smart #1: "With a drag coefficient of just 0.29 Cd, the sleek lines and flowing curves of the #1 are for far more than just show"

and "the ZEEKR X’s low drag coefficient of just 0.28 Cd"

So commonality there too. And the Niro is 0.29 as is the Ioniq 5.

However the EX40 is 0.33 and: "With a drag coefficient (cD) of just 0.32, the [Vauxhall] Mokka features one of the lowest drag rates in its market segment" (really?)


"The most aerodynamic SUV built by BMW, the iX slices out a drag coefficient of just 0.25 Cd"

"The design of the e-tron GT enables sophisticated aerodynamics. Its low drag coefficient of 0.24 increases the efficiency "
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Good point. Although, even though resistance squares with speed, a 0.03 Cd difference doesn't feel would compensate for an 810kg differential in weight.
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Post by AndyP »

Averaging 200 to 220 now after 1200 miles.
Did a fast run on country roads 3 days ago now reads 100% 194 miles.

Aircon on and performance mode activated. Went down to 150 in its early days
Cheers Andy!

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My ex30 ultra twin performance will show indicated of 276 miles when charged to 100%.
69kwh battery x 4 = 276.
However, on a trip to Bristol airport plus return at night, with heater,seats and lights it still managed 200 miles plus spare!
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