How good is the adaptive cruise control?

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Post by stewf »

I’d love to hear from owners about their experience with the EX30’s adaptive cruise control. How well does it perform? Does it resume after a complete stop? What is the maximum stop time?

I have a reservation in and hope to replace my 2021 Volkswagen ID.4. One thing I appreciate about my ID.4 – especially with its newer software – is the convenience of its ACC in stop-and-go traffic. It will resume after a complete stop if the car in front moves within about 20 seconds.

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Post by gloucester »

I'm still waiting for my car but, on the test drive, I tried out the ACC in a variety of instances and it seemed to work well. Yes, it brings the car to a complete halt, and yes it then goes again, but I didn't test the wait period.

HOWEVER, many people are complaining the ACC is:

a] not strong enough in its retardation; [it's hoped Volvo will improve this via OTA update - they've acknowledged it could be done]
b] not quick enough to slow down when approaching a vehicle going appreciably slower;
c] jerky as it's coming to a stop situation - actually reported for One Pedal Drive but I suspect might be the same with ACC.
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Post by Lincs »

My only “negative” on the ACC echoes what Gloucester has says with point B. More often than not, I brake as it feels like it doesn’t brake quick enough when approaching the vehicle in front, when I’ve left it, it has been fine but it makes me nervous.
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Post by Rexel40 »

I have limited use of ACC but the EX30 I have will maintain a safe distance and adjust the speed accordingly. Should the vehicle in front move to pass a slower car the ACC adapts. Not sure if the reply is much use but it may stimulate a discussion.
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