Update 1.3.1 stuck "installing 100%"

Faults and Technical chat for the Volvo EX30
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Unfortunately I understand that I'm not the only one with various problems...
Update on my situation: my EX30 has been in service since Monday and as I don't have a replacement car so I'm using my father's car...
After several attempts without resolution, a few minutes ago I returned to the service and gave an ultimatum because my father needs his car tomorrow.
I was told they would try a new procedure later this evening... I've lost all hope now!
I will use it without internet and without the app I have given up, I am tired of wasting time and energy on a car!
Unacceptable, absolutely unacceptable... and to think that the chat support in the app told me that I shouldn't write on social media that I had problems and that I wasn't satisfied at all... are you kidding me!?!?!
If they were a serious company they should send an apology letter with a bonus and solve the problems, stop!
They put an electric car on the market with inadequate and untested software!!
The only certainty...??? this is the first and last Volvo!

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Same here on 1.3.1 and “No Connection” since yesterday.
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Mine automatically updated from 1.3 to 1.3.1 last week with no issues, just got a notification in car to start it, said it would be 20mins, went back 30 mins later and it was all done.
I have found the Internet connection to be far better since the update, now get up to 3 bars on 5g, only ever got 1 bar before the update.
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iTepo wrote: Sun Jun 02, 2024 2:50 pm I would like to point out that I picked up my EX30 SMER on March 22nd with connection problems (and other known ones) resolved with update 1.3
Last Saturday I receive notification in the app that update 1.3.1 is ready to be installed..........
Ciao ho notato che le foto che hai pubblicato mostrano l'interfaccia del software in italiano, quindi ho deciso di risponderti nella nostra lingua :D. Ancora non ho acquistato l'EX30 Smer, aspettavo gli incentivi statali, ma per qualche oscura ragione sembrano essere terminati in meno di otto ore dalla loro pubblicazione. Quindi mi ritrovo nuovamente a dover attendere per ordinare l'auto.

Come faccio spesso prima di acquistare una nuova auto, mi iscrivo ai forum di appassionati per condividere l'amore per l'auto che intendo comprare. Tuttavia, a differenza del mio precedente acquisto, questa volta non faccio altro che leggere lamentele e segnalazioni di malfunzionamenti sull'EX30. Ma è davvero così?

1. Utenti che, quando frenano, vedono la radio spegnersi.
2. Alcuni hanno problemi con l'Internet che non funziona o non ha mai funzionato.
3. Molti, te incluso, segnalano problemi con l'aggiornamento che resta bloccato al 100%.
4. Altri lamentano numerosi bug che avrebbero dovuto essere risolti con l'uscita della versione 1.3.0 del software, ma che invece ne hanno introdotti di nuovi, che nemmeno la versione 1.3.1 è riuscita a risolvere completamente.
5. Alcuni hanno visto la versione 1.3.1 rimuovere la funzionalità di schedulazione della ricarica, ad esempio, durante la notte per approfittare di tariffe agevolate, e non riescono più a ripristinarla.

Mi chiedo se sto facendo bene ad ordinare l'auto oppure no.

Mi piacerebbe sapere da chi possiede l'EX30 come si sta trovando davvero!

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Post by francisp »


Overall it is a good car.
Some problems are due to crazy European regulations and there is not much to say about, else than complaining
Some are due to poor placement on route signalization, "Europe" did not think that infrastructure should also be compliant with their crazy laws and regulations
Some are real problems, that are slowly, (too slowly?) getting fixed and Volvo is pretty bad at communicating. with its customers. That the car have problems is a thing, keeping the customers informed on what the company does to fix them would be already half the problem solved.
That you buy this car or not is entirely your decision, but just remember that on a forum people are mainly complaining about what is wrong and not about what is good.
Can you try to arrange a test run ?

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Post by PhipVolvo »

People only search forums for faults or fixes so there may be hundreds of happy EX30 customers out there somewhere.
I doubt it, but it's down to what you can tolerate.
My test drive did not highlight many issues because the salesman had already turned off most of the annoying features, clever!
For me, it's the sheer quantity of faults rather than one major one, I genuinely hate the car now and would give it back but for the massive depreciation.
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Post by Ste007 »

I would like to offer a positive view of the EX30. It is true that people will tend to report what is wrong on these forums and rightly so. However, I am running v1.3.1 of the software and I am not suffering any of the faults that others are reporting. I may have been lucky with my particular car and it might be down to geography, when it was built and the model I have and I am aware that some buyers are having real problems.

There are some annoying aspects to the software which are down to implementation by Volvo and EU regulation rather than actual faults but hopefully these will be improved with future updates. I am also missing Apple Carplay, annoyed it is taking so long to arrive and am very hopeful that will be delivered with software v1.4.

The car itself is comfortable, quiet, quick (very quick!) and it is easy and great fun to drive. It is also something of a head turner, generating interest when seen out and about.
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Post by kildare »

And it's generally cheaper (and faster!) than most EV models, especially if looking for an AWD SUV.
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I agree with the positive comments too, there are good aspects to the car.
I'll challenge the performance claim though. They certainly didn't explain that 428bhp is only available over 90% battery and drops dramatically below 50%.
That's fundamentally unacceptable and not seen on other non Chinese electric cars.
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As reported elsewhere, version 1.3.1 does break overnight charging.
It also seems to stop the app working for charging.
I'm going to try giving the Zappi wallbox full control and see if that works tonight.
If not my charging costs will quadruple or I'll have to go out to the car at midnight.

The saga continues
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