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Faults and Technical chat for the Volvo EX30
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Have you tried creating another account for her at Volvo first.

Comments from elsewhere:

Yes, they need to create their own Volvo id. Download the app, then they can add the car. a similar way to the first time you added the car
My wife and I have both downloaded the EX30 app seperately and logged in with our own Volvo IDs. Works well. I think the additional driver feature is for when Volvo release the functionality for digital passes? I.e. Proximity unlock and drive car with your phone.
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Yes, was a problem for us due to connectivity issues. Temporary fix was to connect car to home WiFi and it scanned OK.
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I was having problems with no Internet and slow 6 amp charging.

Brought car back to Volvo and they did a full factory reset.

The wi-fi is now working but the show charging issue has got worse. Before reset if I put car on charger and then got into car and moved Amps up from 6 Amps to 32 it charged at proper rate.

Now when I charge and move from 6amps to 32 Amps the charge rate remains the same and slow charges. I'm worse off now!!! Volvo dealerships need to be honest with people and let them know what the technicians in Volvo Sweden are saying and keep us in loop. Additionally, Volvo should not have released these cars with so many software problems!!!
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Yes all the same 'problemettes??

Getting a little cheesed off tho!

YES Profile has a mind of its own when re entering car.

YES Opening of car is random. Sometimes everytime I walk by. Others have to pull handle 2 to 3 times then ONLY the drivers door operates.

YES RADIO on DAB YES YES YES so temperamental fades in and out.. MUTES for no reason sometimes. Gonna see if it is under braking. [Still like a loose connection so something moves??]
Fades in and out ll the time like a bad aerial connection.[SO glad it is not just me] [WELL according the the dealer it is]

YES I posted VOLVO's cure for connectivity. YES it worked/works.

YES Charging defaults to 1 amp every time. Reset to 32 amp every charge. I was told a Charging module issue .On BACK ORDER.

YES I Have noticed that car gets cold after about an hour despite temperature being set to 21 or 22 degrees C.

THANKS FOR ALL THE NOTES ON HERE. YES I AM FUSSY, But its like having a cheap Chinese laptop with lots of faults. ERR oh yes it is???? ha ha LOVE THE CAR A LOT though. done 400 miles already in 2 weeks

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I have taken delivery of a Volvo Ex30 in Greece and the problems I am experiencing are as follows:
1. I have a problem with slow charging, usually at 6A, unless I manually change the setting each time through the car menu.
2. It recognises the UK as the country of creation of the google account which results in apps and settings being UK.I have to connect wifi to my phone every time so I can stream apps, radio stations etc in my country.I have to connect wifi to my phone every time so I can stream apps, radio stations etc in my country.
3. On several occasions, the Bluetooth connection between my phone and the car is not correct and the phone's multimedia or even the phone itself does not work. Turning the Bluetooth off and on again fixes this, but it is quite inconvenient.
All of the above will hopefully be fixed with the next software upgrade...
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Please see my post on "Radio niggles" it summarises the issues I am having with the radio functions.
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Just added my wife as a second profile using the second card key with no issues.
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I’ve done this too. Just can’t get the Volvo app to recognise the QR code
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DomB wrote: Fri Mar 15, 2024 3:34 pm Anybody had issues connecting a second profile to the volvo ex30 app?

Tried to connect my wife’s phone by scanning the QR code but it keeps saying it can’t validate the code.
Heve not been able to link any profile with the app, its giving me the validation code issue no mater what we tried. I do belive it has internet connection, been driving and playing music and getting map navigation. But cant figure out this silly issue with linking app with car .. 🤷

Any suggestions welcome, links to other posts with similar issues, im jsut on a major expedition trying to understand what is a problem.
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DomB wrote: Wed Mar 20, 2024 6:45 pm I’ve done this too. Just can’t get the Volvo app to recognise the QR code
This is plauging me too, tried many things diffeerent phones, different profiles, multiple volvo id's .... just wont recognise the code
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